Molly is a 1 1/2 to 2 year old filly, and as cute as a button. Molly came to Blue Horse Rescue on July 18th, 2018 from the Bowie Livestock Auction. Molly was headed to Mexico for slaughter so we were very happy to be able to give her a second chance at a good life. Molly spent five weeks in Decatur, Texas doing quarantine time before heading to her temporary foster home in California. Molly arrived healthy, if not a little tired from her long trip. It was not long after that we realized Molly actually had pneumonia

Molly has a ways to go before she will be available for adoption, but our ultimate goal is always to find the best home possible for the horses, both large and small We are blessed to have Molly with us and help her on her way to a loving family of her own.

Molly's adoption fee will be $600.

Updates on Molly will be available on our blog. Please check back!

IMG_4053 2.jpg

Molly's early days with Blue Horse Rescue - August 2018.