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Our ultimate commitment to our horses at Blue Horse Rescue is to find them the very best home possible. We are very much dedicated to making the best and the most permanent horse/human match possible. And while our adoption process may seem over the top, it's all about finding the best home possible for our horses, for the long haul.

To do this, we firmly believe that the road to success is to first give the horses the time they need to heal emotionally and physically from where they have come from. We give them the time they need and all the veterinary support necessary. Once we have achieved this, we will re-evaluate and then gradually introduce training into their daily routine. Slowly and without drama.

step 1 : Preliminary Adoption Inquiry

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step 2 : We will contact you to set up a time for you to come visit the horse you would like to adopt. This visit will take place with the foster family who have been providing daily care for the horse you would like to give a home to. The foster will be able to best give you all the information you need to decide if you would like to continue with the adoption process, and will be very honest with you regarding the positive and also the challenges you may face. If you decide this is not the horse for you, no worries - our goal is to find each horse a life long home with a happy horse/human relationship and we may have another horse needing a lifelong home that may just be perfect for you.

step 3 : Congratulation, at this point you have made a connection with a horse at Blue Horse Rescue that you would like to adopt! What we would like to do next is schedule a site visit. This is the property where your adopted horse will be living. We just want to make sure that it will meet the horse's needs. So once again, we need just a little more info ....

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Physical address of where your adopted horse will be living:

step 4 : If the site visit goes well, and you would like to proceed with the adoption, BHR will ask that you fill our our Adoption Contract. The adoption process will be complete when agreement is signed by both parties.