Mission Statement

Blue Horse Rescue is dedicated to providing horses with a safe and nurturing environment while they heal physically, mentally and emotionally from situations of abandonment, neglect and abuse. We firmly believe that to get back on the road to a loving home the horses need time to settle down and begin to heal. We give them all the support they need: time, great vet care, nutritional support and a lot of love. Our Equine Wellness program includes: yearly vaccines, dentals, fecal egg counts and appropriate rotational worming schedules and, also addressing any health issues that occur.

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When training is needed, we do everything we can to fill in any gaps and when necessary, start the training from the ground up. Blue Horse Rescue will only use natural horsemanship to instill, or restore, dignity and confidence in our horses. All horses will be evaluated when they first arrive at the rescue and then at regular intervals during their time with us, and while we guide them on their journey to becoming the best partners possible. Their unique characteristics and nature will be evaluated and documented as well as a record of the progress they have made. Each horse will be treated as an individual and they themselves will determine how quickly or slowly their training takes place. Our horses will not have to worry about time running out - they will be given the time they need to become confident horses before adoption is even considered.

When ready for adoption, great care will be placed on matching horse and human for the most successful partnership. We aim to provide all horses that come through our rescue with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to become willing, happy, enthusiastic, and most importantly - safe and much loved partners for life.