BHR Foster Program

Blue Horse Rescue is offering a wonderful opportunity to those who have ever wanted to help out a rescue horse. We ask that qualified fosters be able to provide a safe and temporary home, with great daily care and lots of love. BHR will be responsible for feed, supplements, grain, all veterinary care, fecal egg counts, worming, farrier work, training, and transport. 

BHR will also offer support and a contact person who will be available to answer any questions and concerns the foster family may have. Since the foster family will come to know their horse like their own, we also encourage the fosters be involved  in helping to find the best human match and ideal home for their foster horse, pony, donkey or miniature.

If helping out a rescue horse is something you would like to do, please take a moment to complete the preliminary foster inquiry and a representative from BHR will contact you. Our rescue program is directly related to the generous folks who donate their time and a safe place for rescue horses to land - we look forward to hearing from you! 


preliminary FOSTER inquiry

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