Sweet Will - Dental Day and Wellness Check


Today was a big day for our senior horse, Sweet William (aka Sheets). Our Sweet Will is beginning to put some weight on, still  on the thin side but looking so much better. So, ...  today he is strong and healthy enough to have his his teeth floated.  Hopefully, he this will help him be able to chew more efficiently and use his feed to get the nutrients  he so desperately needs.  He's looking so much better but still has a way to go. As Will feels better his true personality is coming thru which is always good! On the down side, Sweet Will's vet did find and confirm that he does have a melanoma inside his mouth, also on his sheaf and on the underside of his tail. Bottom line, Will is feisty, much more  energetic and very sure of what he wants!

So here are a few pics of our boy having his teeth floated. He recovered very quickly  from the anesthesia and he  was munching on his mushy grains at lunch time, (above pic).  I so love the seniors that come thru BHR - they have so many stories to share and are so very willing to trust and be a partner as well. Sweet Will is this horse. Stay with us for more updates on Sweet Will's journey back to health.


On the Road and Heading to California!


Well, Calvin and Hobbes are on the road and heading to their foster home in California! It always seems like such a long wait after a month's QT in Texas, but we are now happily counting down the days until they are here and can settle down in their new temporary digs and relax. The boys had rough weather and lots of storms while in Texas so we are hoping for better weather on their trip West. And a few sunny days when they arrive would be great! Can't wait to meet to meet Calvin and Hobbes - they will be the first mini donkeys at Blue Horse Rescue :)

Word has it Calvin is really into people, Hobbes  ... not so much, just yet!


Our Little Mini Donks! Doing Good in QT!


Our two little mini donks, Calvin and Hobbes are doing really well. No sign of runny noses, coughs, or any bugs picked during their time at auction.  We are two weeks into quarantine and all is good!

Today was supposed to be a big day for the two boys - time to get gelded, but unfortunately due to really bad weather in Kaufman, Texas we had to reschedule for next week.

Two more weeks to go in QT and we are busy  trying to organize transport from Texas to CA. Our usual transport is not heading that way due to winter weather. Any suggestions are very welcome! We can't wait to meet these two cute little ones - they have an amazing foster waiting for them.

This would be Calvin checking out the camera!

This would be Calvin checking out the camera!

I love the ears and the curiosity. Not touchable, but very curious - a good thing! Love those little faces and big ears :)

I love the ears and the curiosity. Not touchable, but very curious - a good thing! Love those little faces and big ears :)

Calvin and Hobbes - Safe in Quarantine with Cindy!

part0 4.jpg

Our two little ones, Calvin and Hobbes have made it safely to the next step in their journey to a new and loving home. It's a lengthy and stressful process for them, but they are now safely in quarantine with Cindy (in Kaufman, Texas) for the next month. Our hopes for them are that they remain healthy during thie next month and that they didn't pick up any nasty bugs during the auction process. And also that they begin to settle. get healthy, and hopefully relax a little. While in quarantine we will have them gelded and wormed, and we will also begin their vaccinations. It still remains a very stressful time for them with more challenges during the next month. Once healthy they will begin the journey to their great foster home waiting for them in California with Carolyn. They will actually be with four other mini donkeys that have been saved from slaughter by our amazing foster mom. We are looking forward to their arrival, and will begin the process of finding a really great home for these two little guys. They will be a package deal and adopted out together when the time is right. Our quarantine mom , Cindy, shared that they have been minimally handled so the training and trusting people process will begin. This can be a slow and lengthy process but when the time is right, we will be looking for a really great home for these little ones. If you are interested in welcoming Calvin and Hobbes  into your life, home and heart, please contact Blue Horse Rescue to get the adoption process going.

part0 2.jpg
part0 3.jpg

Calvin and Hobbes - Heading from Bowie Tx to Quarantine!

photo0 2.jpg

Calvin and Hobbes are loaded up and heading from the Bowie Livestock Auction to their home for the next month with Cindy while they do their quarantine time in Texas. Calvin is the little one looking over his shoulder - he has a lot more white in his coat, and Hobbes is the one always avoiding us folks! We wish them well on this next step to a great new home.


Our Two New Guys! Little Mini Donks!

Two little mini jacks have been added to the BHR family. They are currently in Texas and details are being made for quarantine and eventual trip to California.  I will post pics as soon as I have some! Their names are Calvin and Hobbes!  (We had a great video but once Bowie Livestock Auction pulls it from facebook, we loose it.)

Holiday Visit with KC

KC 12/28/17

An unexpected visit with Blue Horse Rescue's almost 34 year old sanctuary mare had a very happy ending this week. KC had an episode of colic the day after Christmas. Luckily our vet was on the spot by 7 am and with timely and great care by KC's foster mom, KC has recovered and is now back in her herd of two enjoying the big pasture and companionship again.  A very happy outcome, but we are keeping a very close eye on our senior girl.