Calvin and Hobbes Meet the Big Green Ball!


Today was a very interesting day for Calvin and Hobbes. Our amazing volunteer Sandy donated a big green jolly ball to give these two little donkey brains something else to think about. Calvin was extremely curious about what this was that was now in his safe and comfy space - very curious indeed! Hobbes, who initially ignored the green jolly ball because scratches, grooming and pets are always so much more interesting, only became interested when Calvin showed a great deal of curiosity. Only then did mister large and in charge decide that he too, had better check it out.

Hobbes is all about pet me, scratch my itchy spots and don’t apply any pressure that might shake my world. Very loving and sweet and still in the early days of trusting people. But, … the green ball demanded his immediate attention! Great to interact with them on any level.


While Hobbes decided that hanging out with the grooming, scratching hand was way more satisfying than the green jolly ball, Calvin decided that the iPhone camera was definitely something to check out - way more interesting - nostril shots available on request!