Molly and Mouse - the M&Ms


Molly and Mouse continue to heal and get healthy - a great thing to see as they were both fighting a pretty nasty pneumonia and extreme stress when we first met them. Young and alone they did their best but it definitely took it’s toll on them both.

Molly is now very active, feeling much better and very much large and in charge. She has assumed the role of alpha mare and very much lets little Mouse know what he needs to be doing, or not doing. For the first time, they are both very active and energetic and really enjoy their time out in the arena - running, bucking, crow hopping and playing. The play is with each other and with water - Molly especially loves water, no matter where she finds it!

Little Mouse has finished his antibiotics - his pneumonia was very much worse than Molly’s. He has been wormed again (extremely high worm load!) and is now gaining weight to the point where a diet change in is his very near future.

Both have both grown very thick winter coats and now look like miniature wooly mammoths - especially Mouse! You will be happy to hear that Mouse’s forelock is also growing out and is now laying flat against his little forehead - no more mohawk for Mouse!

Our vet, Dr. Kate, will be coming out to do a recheck this week and we are hoping for good news - will let you know!


A small amount of fresh grass hay in the arena brought all play to a very sudden stop as they made the most of an unexpected opportunity!