Good Morning from Calvin and Hobbes

It’s just a quick little video but here’s what I was greeted with on morning two from Calvin and Hobbes. A very definite '“Where’s breakfast?” along with a little back off attitude from Calvin. Hobbes tries so hard to be large and in charge but Calvin definitely pushes back! He may be just a little bit smaller than Hobbes but Calvin’s spirit and personality is huge.

I love these two little voices and faces at the gate in the morning! Would love to know what they are saying as their vocalizations change constantly. The really loud braying begins when they hear me in the grain room - hard to believe how loudly they call for food and how quickly they associated barn noise with food is about to be delivered - very smart little guys.

We are looking forward to learning more about them both as we get them ready for life with a forever family.

Check back for updates on their progress.