Calvin and Hobbes - Safe in Quarantine with Cindy!

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Our two little ones, Calvin and Hobbes have made it safely to the next step in their journey to a new and loving home. It's a lengthy and stressful process for them, but they are now safely in quarantine with Cindy (in Kaufman, Texas) for the next month. Our hopes for them are that they remain healthy during thie next month and that they didn't pick up any nasty bugs during the auction process. And also that they begin to settle. get healthy, and hopefully relax a little. While in quarantine we will have them gelded and wormed, and we will also begin their vaccinations. It still remains a very stressful time for them with more challenges during the next month. Once healthy they will begin the journey to their great foster home waiting for them in California with Carolyn. They will actually be with four other mini donkeys that have been saved from slaughter by our amazing foster mom. We are looking forward to their arrival, and will begin the process of finding a really great home for these two little guys. They will be a package deal and adopted out together when the time is right. Our quarantine mom , Cindy, shared that they have been minimally handled so the training and trusting people process will begin. This can be a slow and lengthy process but when the time is right, we will be looking for a really great home for these little ones. If you are interested in welcoming Calvin and Hobbes  into your life, home and heart, please contact Blue Horse Rescue to get the adoption process going.

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