Meeting Bodhi

Today was the day that we finally met the latest addition to bhr - this pony has already won the hearts of many and I was very excited to meet him! Bodhi is presently in quarantine in Santa Clarita, Ca. So far, he is doing pretty good. He is quietly getting used to being in yet another new place and figuring out the routine. We know very little of Bodhi's history but he is approximately 12 years old and a miniature gelding. He definitely wins a prize for the thickest and longest mane and forelock! A very cute little guy, and friendly too.

Bodhi was seen by the vet three days after he arrived. He was off his feed and very lethargic. He checked out pretty good, or, as well as general neglect can check out. His eyes are both infected with a lot of drainage and crust below each eye - so Triple Antibiotic eye ointment twice a day has been added to his routine. Bodhi has no signs of respiratory infection which is good news, but does need some groceries for weight gain, worming is definitely needed,  vaccines and a dental as soon as he arrives at his new foster home.

So, we will now start getting Bodhi back to health again - and will see what each day brings. I hated to leave him today but will be back next week to visit again.

Bodhi 1.jpg