Checking in on Bodhi

Heading home from Arizona today and I was so happy to get to visit with little Bodhi again. When I pulled up, Bodhi immediately came over to check out who had arrived. Pretty sure he was happy to see that it wasn't the vet, but he also looked sorta disappointed when he realized I wasn't bringing food either! Anyway, he was happy to get some attention and we had another good visit.

Bodhi 2.jpg

Bodhi's eyes are looking very much better; still have a little bit of clearing up to do, but definitely a lot better. This week we did a fecal egg count and it came back extremely high which wasn't too much of a surprise, and Bodhi also had his vaccines. Next is worming and then we'll have his teeth floated (long over due!)  Bodhi has lost some weight, so we are making some gradual changes to his diet, but the key is deworming and teeth. Can't wait to see Bodhi feeling better again!