KC Update - Pasture Time Try Out

It’s day two for KC with Jessie and Mariah so we thought that we would try a little pasture time. We let Jessie and Mariah out into the pasture and kept Mariah in her enclosure for a bit before deciding to let her make her way out into the pasture. She calmly headed out at a walk and made her way towards where Jessie and Mariah were grazing. They ignored her for a moment or two, but Mariah wasn't quite so sure about this new girl in their midst. She herded KC off and went back to grazing. KC headed over toward Jessie who, as of today, is the designated safe, friendly horse who offers security. There was a little bit of herding off by Mariah as KC tried to find her spot in the herd but it was generally pretty calm. It wasn’t until KC meandered down to where Mariah was grazing by herself, that things began to heat up a little. Unfortunately, since all three horses were near the fence line, Christina and I decided that human intervention was needed. Jessie and Mariah were haltered and led calmly back to their enclosures with KC trailing behind Jessie. 

We’ll take it slowly to safely integrate our 3 senior mares into a herd. No need to hurry.