bentley - from stud colt to gelding

Blue Horse Rescue’s little man Bentley has been full of surprises since his arrival from Texas! He is quite the character and has charmed us all with his cute little pony self.

However, … when Matt (our wonderful hauler!), suggested quietly that we may want to keep an eye on Bentley because he was acting like a little stud muffin, it didnt take us long to figure out that our little kid was actually a little stud colt!

With only one testicle descended we were concerned that he may require a more extensive surgery. Bentley’s foster mom immediately called her vet to check out our little one. Since Bentley also needed a dental we thought we could do the dental and take advantage of the sedation to check out the testicle situation. To make a long story short, with a little sedation the second testicle descended and Bentley was able to not only have his teeth floated but was gelded as well.

It was a good day & Bentley did just great. His wonderful foster mom, Sandy, helped him thru the first 24 hrs with great care and he was soon feeling his playful self again. It’s now been nearly two weeks and he has healed well - no infection and no complications.

Plus, we found out that he is actually a little younger than we were told - we thought he might be 3 years old, but in reality, according to his teeth, he is about 18 months to two years old.

Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Bentley!