bentley has arrived!

Sunday was an exciting day for Blue Horse Rescue with Bentley’s long anticipated arrival in CA. After a long quarantine in Texas, he made the trip to us without problems and arrived at his new foster mom’s on Sunday evening. As you can image Sunday was filled with constant phone calls & excitement as Bentley got closer to us. The anticipation to finally meet Bentley, (who we had begun to think of as our little brown mystery pony), was intense. A welcoming foster family was waiting and then there he was …  cute as a button, very curious and eager to check out his new home. If I had to describe Bentley, it would be absolutely adorable and a huge personality too!

Having a new friend waiting to meet you makes things even better! A Fuzzy Socks look alike to remind him of his best friend in Texas made the landing even softer for little Bentley!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped Bentley along the way on his journey to CA. Especially his quarantine mom, Cindy who helped him get healthy again after his time at the livestock auction, and who also took the time & love to help him understand that people weren’t all that bad. A huge thank you to Matt who took great care of our little guy on the road & delivered him safely to us. And then, of course a huge thank you to Bentley’s amazing foster folks who opened their hearts and home to him. Couldn’t have done it without you! From our hearts, we thank you all.