Settling In

Bo and Belle are now settling into the the 'settling in' phase of their new life in foster. Lots of new and friendly faces to meet as well as new experiences. Bo is meeting every challenge, or avoiding it, in a very confident and determined manner. He is very much the little pony who is large and in charge! He is also very much in charge of his little sister Belle. His goal is that no human shall ever be able to touch her! He tells her where to stand, how long to stand there, when to eat, how much, etc. I think you get the picture. Belle tries so hard to be brave and reach out for human contact, and that tasty looking cookie, but Bo just wouldn’t allow it. He is definitely his little sister's protector and does a very good job of it! He is also Mr. Personality and really enjoys interacting with us humans but very much on his own terms!

Without any fuss, Bo and Belle are now in separate stalls next to each other and both are enjoying the freedom to be themselves - especially Belle! Big changes have already been seen in our little mare.