dental day for bo & Belle

Friday was another huge day for the little ponies, Bo and Belle. It was the day they would meet their new vet, Kasie, and learn all about having their teeth floated. And also, about sedation.

Both ponies did really well, although we did learn a lot about them. Bo is actually about five years old and Belle is four which is definitely in the same age range as we were told by the auction folks. Neither looked as if they had every had any dental work, but on the whole is wasn’t too bad. Nothing that wasn’t expected.

Bo did really well with handling all the people that were there and he was a really good boy throughout the whole day. He is curious and not so afraid of people the way his little sister Belle is. Bo’s cautious about us but willing to give us and the situation a chance without too much of a fuss. We did find out that shaking off the sedation was a little more difficult for Bo, and he was still pretty zonked and not wanting to chew on his “new teeth” later that evening. A little uncomfortable, I’m sure, but was back to his normal Bo-self the next day.

Belle, on the other hand, was full of beans that day - her walk showed us how well she can crow hop, buck and leap in the air. Luckily, as soon as Bo was in sight she calmed down. Our vet, Kasie, took some time with Belle, getting to know her before starting and that helped a lot. Soon Belle was sedated and the dental clinic began. All went smoothly and Belle had no problems shaking off the sedation and getting use to the feel of her new mouth.

One small step at a time, things are definitely moving forward with Bo & Belle.  

Many thanks to everyone who helped out throughout the day!