okay, so here's the back story behind pasture time for bo & belle

You know how everything suddenly smooths out with your horses and all is going well? There's a moment of almost near insanity where you take a deep breath and thank the spirit that is. I don't know about you but at that same time I am busy crossing my finger and toes. You have that fleeting happy thought quickly followed by "oh no, I didn't just think that"! While you enjoy the moment the next phone call is coming. Well, that's exactly what happened. All was going well and then I got the call that Belle was in trouble. Now, when Belle's foster mom calls with a concern, I pay attention. Belle could not have a more loving, efficient and knowledgeable foster mom, so if Katy is upset, I know we have a problem. Before I go any further, I will say that this has a happy ending but for a very long 48 hours our little Belle kept our hearts racing.

Always very anxious, Belle had worked herself up into a total panic. What caused this, we have no idea, but nothing would calm her - turnout time, walking in the orchard, Katy's bag of comforting and calming tricks - nothing would stop Belle's panic. To make a long story short, two vet calls later, sedated, hydrated, and vigilantly watched, it was decided that the only option we had was to turn Belle (along with Bo) out into the mare pasture to hopefully calm and sooth Belle's anxiety. Belle always showed great interest in the mare's so later that day it was turn out time with the mares.

All I can say is never underestimate the power of the herd. The mares quickly accepted the ponies into their herd and the change in Belle was amazing. She came into her stall that evening, willingly I might add, and was calm, hungry and ready to rest after a long day out with the big horses. Turn out time in the pasture with the big horses will now become a part of the ponies life, weather permitting, and we are hoping that this it what Belle needs to be happier and less anxious. Fingers are crossed but so far life is much calmer for Belle.