Calvin and Hobbes Meet the Big Green Ball!


Today was a very interesting day for Calvin and Hobbes. Our amazing volunteer Sandy donated a big green jolly ball to give these two little donkey brains something else to think about. Calvin was extremely curious about what this was that was now in his safe and comfy space - very curious indeed! Hobbes, who initially ignored the green jolly ball because scratches, grooming and pets are always so much more interesting, only became interested when Calvin showed a great deal of curiosity. Only then did mister large and in charge decide that he too, had better check it out.

Hobbes is all about pet me, scratch my itchy spots and don’t apply any pressure that might shake my world. Very loving and sweet and still in the early days of trusting people. But, … the green ball demanded his immediate attention! Great to interact with them on any level.


While Hobbes decided that hanging out with the grooming, scratching hand was way more satisfying than the green jolly ball, Calvin decided that the iPhone camera was definitely something to check out - way more interesting - nostril shots available on request!

Molly and Mouse - the M&Ms


Molly and Mouse continue to heal and get healthy - a great thing to see as they were both fighting a pretty nasty pneumonia and extreme stress when we first met them. Young and alone they did their best but it definitely took it’s toll on them both.

Molly is now very active, feeling much better and very much large and in charge. She has assumed the role of alpha mare and very much lets little Mouse know what he needs to be doing, or not doing. For the first time, they are both very active and energetic and really enjoy their time out in the arena - running, bucking, crow hopping and playing. The play is with each other and with water - Molly especially loves water, no matter where she finds it!

Little Mouse has finished his antibiotics - his pneumonia was very much worse than Molly’s. He has been wormed again (extremely high worm load!) and is now gaining weight to the point where a diet change in is his very near future.

Both have both grown very thick winter coats and now look like miniature wooly mammoths - especially Mouse! You will be happy to hear that Mouse’s forelock is also growing out and is now laying flat against his little forehead - no more mohawk for Mouse!

Our vet, Dr. Kate, will be coming out to do a recheck this week and we are hoping for good news - will let you know!


A small amount of fresh grass hay in the arena brought all play to a very sudden stop as they made the most of an unexpected opportunity!

Sweet William Enjoys a Good Roll in the Winter Sunshine


It is so great to see our senior gelding, Sweet William, enjoying a bright sunny, dry winter day out in the arena rolling and making the most of the afternoon sunshine. William loves grooming and being fussed over, and we all enjoying spending time with such a sweet guy. Of course, he also loves getting dirty again! But that only means it’s time to enjoy the humans grooming and fussing again. A win/win situation!


Black Bucket Days with Calvin and Hobbes


What are black bucket days you might wonder? Well, that’s what we do with the little ones that are really still not too sure of people and have no idea what to expect from them. They may be curious, or they may be terrified, but the bottom line is they really don’t know what to expect. Black bucket days are just short periods of time we spend sitting on an upturned bucket, or step stool, making no demands and just sharing space. So, since Calvin and Hobbes were knew to us, (having recently arrived from foster), we spent a lot of time just hanging out with them - no intention, no demands, no imposed interaction - we just hung out in their space with them without being invasive or threatening. Barely looking at them, just being present. It didn’t take long for their curiosity to get the better of them and before long they were approaching, sniffing and backing up to consider the latest info. It wasn’t soon after that, that we were able to touch, pet and eventually groom Hobbes - he’s very much the extrovert of the two and also very supportive of Calvin’s much shyer nature. Plus, he totally loves being groomed! All that long hair and itchy spots definitely need scratching.


So today, we enjoyed our first hands on communication with Calvin and Hobbes that they initiated and we enjoyed very much. Baby steps and building blocks are paving the way to their future. And the really cool thing was, no carrots or treats were involved - an incredibly huge step for these two guys in their new surroundings!

Just a quick addition to the above - this did not happen within a few hours or minutes, this was time spent with Calvin and Hobbes over a period of days, if not a week - the end result was very special and a big step forward changing our relationship with them completely and instilling just a little more confidence in them and a feeling of safety in their new surroundings. Great to see!

Good Morning from Calvin and Hobbes

It’s just a quick little video but here’s what I was greeted with on morning two from Calvin and Hobbes. A very definite '“Where’s breakfast?” along with a little back off attitude from Calvin. Hobbes tries so hard to be large and in charge but Calvin definitely pushes back! He may be just a little bit smaller than Hobbes but Calvin’s spirit and personality is huge.

I love these two little voices and faces at the gate in the morning! Would love to know what they are saying as their vocalizations change constantly. The really loud braying begins when they hear me in the grain room - hard to believe how loudly they call for food and how quickly they associated barn noise with food is about to be delivered - very smart little guys.

We are looking forward to learning more about them both as we get them ready for life with a forever family.

Check back for updates on their progress.

Out Exploring (and napping) with Molly and Mouse


Our two little cuties, Molly and Mouse, are both on antibiotics for a stubborn upper respiratory infection so while out exploring we allowed them nap time under the shade trees. They took full advantage of snooze time before continuing back to the barn - we are hoping they are feeling better and kicking up their heels real soon. The whole auction experience is really tough on these little, young ones.

Stop the Devil's Garden Wild Horse Round Up!

BHR attended the rally in Vallejo CA today that was put on by the American Wild Horse Campaign to stop the round up of 1,000 wild horses from the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory by the US Forest Services. These beautiful wild horses could potentially face slaughter.

Learn more about the round up and what you can do to make your voice count, by visiting the AWHC website at:

To keep updated on the Devil’s Garden Wild Horses, visit:

Photos and videos of the Devil’s Garden round up:

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