Mouse arrived at Blue Horse Rescue on August 18, 2018 along with a little mare named Molly.  Mouse also came to us from the Bowie Livestock Auction and like Molly, he to was destined for slaughter. 

Mouse is just two years old and is approximately 32 inches tall. He is small, very friendly and has been cared for and taken care of by someone in the past. How this young one ended up in the Bowie Kill Pen is beyond understanding.

Mouse is curious and very people oriented but still feels safest with his companion Molly.

Mouse arrived with a cough and a very yucky nose. Our vet checked him out and diagnosed him with pneumonia so he is now on antibiotics and stall rest. We are hoping for a speedy recovery and look forward to getting him out to exercise and explore his new home but for now we are doing our best to not spread the bug.

Once healthy and with a little training and handling under his belt, Mouse will be available for adoption. Our ultimate goal is to find a home where both Molly and Mouse can stay together. 

Updates will be posted as we get to know Mouse better so please check back.

If you would like more information, please contact Blue Horse Rescue at

Mouse's adoption fee will be $450. This is the amount bhr paid to get Mouse out of the kill pen and safe. This adoption fee will be put towards helping bring another horse to safety.


Mouse (foreground) settling in to his new foster home in California. All photos (above) taken August 2018.