From Texas to California


Molly and Mouse left their temporary home in quarantine in Decatur, Texas on Monday and made their way to Phoenix, AZ for a layover before heading to their foster home in Tracy, CA with their foster mom, Tina. They left Phoenix on Friday night at about 6 pm and made their way across the hot AZ desert and into Southern CA during the cooler hours. They arrived at Tina's at about 9:30 on Saturday morning. We were so happy to be there to greet them and get them settled into their new foster home. 

Molly and Mouse have been through a lot of stressful times during the past six weeks or so - shipping to auction from Tennessee and eventually ending up in the Bowie Livestock Auction kill pen in Texas. They then spent a month in quarantine before beginning their journey from Texas to Phoenix. Unfortunately, they made their way through an unexpected dust storm once they arrived in AZ. 

BHR is very happy to finally have Molly and Mouse with us! A huge thank you to Tina for welcoming Molly and Mouse into her home, barn and life!