Out Exploring (and napping) with Molly and Mouse


Our two little cuties, Molly and Mouse, are both on antibiotics for a stubborn upper respiratory infection so while out exploring we allowed them nap time under the shade trees. They took full advantage of snooze time before continuing back to the barn - we are hoping they are feeling better and kicking up their heels real soon. The whole auction experience is really tough on these little, young ones.

Stop the Devil's Garden Wild Horse Round Up!

BHR attended the rally in Vallejo CA today that was put on by the American Wild Horse Campaign to stop the round up of 1,000 wild horses from the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory by the US Forest Services. These beautiful wild horses could potentially face slaughter.

Learn more about the round up and what you can do to make your voice count, by visiting the AWHC website at: www.americanwildhorsecampaign.org

To keep updated on the Devil’s Garden Wild Horses, visit: https://americanwildhorsecampaign.org/media/devils-garden-wild-horses

Photos and videos of the Devil’s Garden round up: https://americanwildhorsecampaign.org/media/devils-garden-roundup-october-2018

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Sweet Will - Dental Day and Wellness Check


Today was a big day for our senior horse, Sweet William (aka Sheets). Our Sweet Will is beginning to put some weight on, still  on the thin side but looking so much better. So, ...  today he is strong and healthy enough to have his his teeth floated.  Hopefully, he this will help him be able to chew more efficiently and use his feed to get the nutrients  he so desperately needs.  He's looking so much better but still has a way to go. As Will feels better his true personality is coming thru which is always good! On the down side, Sweet Will's vet did find and confirm that he does have a melanoma inside his mouth, also on his sheaf and on the underside of his tail. Bottom line, Will is feisty, much more  energetic and very sure of what he wants!

So here are a few pics of our boy having his teeth floated. He recovered very quickly  from the anesthesia and he  was munching on his mushy grains at lunch time, (above pic).  I so love the seniors that come thru BHR - they have so many stories to share and are so very willing to trust and be a partner as well. Sweet Will is this horse. Stay with us for more updates on Sweet Will's journey back to health.