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Bo & Belle

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Meet Bo and Belle - Bo is approximately six years old and his little sister, Belle, is five. These two little souls were pulled from a kill pen in Bowie, Texas just days before Christmas. Their future was bleak - they were bound for slaughter in Mexico. They didn’t have names, just numbers. As you can see from the tag in Belle’s mane, she was #0420. Her brother Bo was #0421. Hot glued to their mane and tails, we are still waiting for these tags to fall off. The final shedding of the reminder of their horrendous experience in the slaughter pipeline.

Their luck has changed and they are now with Blue Horse Rescue in a wonderful foster situation in Santa Cruz, Ca. They are only now beginning to settle in after the scary ordeal from their original ‘home’ to the auction house, to quarantine, and finally transport from Texas to California. Sick and scared, they were little troopers. They have captured the hearts of many along their journey to a new life.

Now their healing and care can really begin and this is where we really need your help. While small, their expenses have been and will continue to be large. They will require veterinary care, farrier work, training, and the day to day cost of bringing them back to health. 

We ask that you be a part of their journey to a new life that is full of good stuff - a loving family, safety, consistent care and a safe place to live out their lives. Please make a donation to help these little ponies - we literally depend upon the financial support and generosity of our supporters to make this a reality.

Don’t Forget Me! My Name is Bentley!


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Once just tag #0570, Bentley is now the latest addition to the BHR family of little ponies. Bentley also came to us from the Bowie Horse Auction. He was determined to join BHR and tugged and tugged at our heartstrings until we pulled him to safety. We had only planned for two, but going out on a limb, we welcomed Bentley with open arms. He will be spending the month in quarantine and when declared healthy and ready to travel, he will make the long journey from Texas to California to meet his new, and very excited foster mom! This little one has a whole lot of love waiting for him!

Like Bo and Belle, helping Bentley will take a village. So far his fundraiser has been slow going and BHR & Bentley really do need your support and help. 

If you would like to make a donation to help out with Bentley’s costs from auction to his new foster home in California, we do have a fundraiser set up. It’s simply called, Bentley’s Fundraiser. Please take a second to make a donation to help this little one on his way to a new life. He still has a long journey ahead of him.

Our immediate needs for Bentley are: 

Auction Price                        300.00

Transport to Quarantine        100.00

Quarantine                            240.00

Antibiotics                             100.00

Health Certificate                 150.00

Transport to California           275.00

Misc & Unexpected                100.00

BENTLEY’s TOTAL COSTS:    $1,215.00

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Many thanks from all of us at Blue Horse Rescue, including Bow, Belle and Bentley

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